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H O W - T O

… and spice up the software delivery phase

People with different backgrounds and expertise come together to solve a problem through software. In a limited timeframe and through intense collaboration. Hackathons are run out of different motivations: To solve a challenge for society. To practice a particular technology. To attract talent or to solve business challenges with fresh minds. A phenomenal concept.

Having worked with different teams on a variety of digital products, I like to carefully craft highlights that lift the teams spirit and bring fresh perspectives in the delivery phase. I was looking for an opportunity to experiment with a hackathon because I love the playful…

A woman sitting in front of her laptop, preparing user research, smiling.
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How to find the balance between knowledge and time investment

How much do we need to know about the people we design for to make a confident decision about what to build? I help organizations find their sweet spot of certainty through user research when innovating at high speed.

In 2020, the teams I worked with have conducted qualitative research with over 140 people. Many of the sessions I have facilitated myself. Including 1:1 interviews, diary studies, contextual inquiries and usability tests. All teams have launched MVPs within a matter of weeks, improving them ever since through a tailored, lean way of user research.

The following recommendations are the essence…


Unleash designers’ & engineers’ superpower to solve the world’s most complex problems together.

An illustration of an engineer and a designer. They are sitting in front of a computer, working together, smiling.

Helping teams to validate business ideas quickly and build lean, user-centred products is what I am passionate about. A significant part of the job is encouraging individuals to work closer together. Oftentimes, engineers and designers, left-brainers and right-brainers have to work the hardest to find a fruitful way to collaborate.

Out of many conversations with engineers and designers as well as learnings from team retrospectives over the last years, I’ve synthesised actionable tips and smart rituals that will fuel every designer/engineer collaboration.

Businesses are increasingly achieving their goals through software. They need to learn how to build great software, fast…


A collaborative way to improve how your product communicates with its users

Awaken your inner UX writer

Product teams come in all shapes and forms, but they often don’t have a dedicated writer. Writing the text for products often happens on the fly and the result does not always support users best. This workshop is for designers, product managers, and anyone who wants to improve the way their product communicates with its users. You can run it anytime, it does assume that you already talked to your users though. You need to have a solid understanding of their goals, problems, and their context.

Antonia Horvath

Design lead, facilitator & problem solver who enables teams to build relevant, human-centred software with amazing user experiences — in a lean & agile way

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