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  • Sheikh Riad

    Sheikh Riad

    Computer Science and Engineering | Affiliate Marketer| Blogger | Doodler and Cartoonist | Programmer | Web Developer | Seo Expert |

  • Azeez Raheemah

    Azeez Raheemah

    A data-driven and Kaizen-inclined individual with a love for writing, business intelligence/ strategy, product management and volunteering. Big time Melophile

  • Hoa Nguyen (Henry)

    Hoa Nguyen (Henry)

    I love to tell stories. My stories cover issues in digital economy, content creation and sometimes, data science.

  • Amalik Amriou

    Amalik Amriou

    Agile Team Leader — Product & Data @ Peaks. Currently Senior Product Owner Big Data & Messaging @ Bedrock / M6 https://amalikamriou.com

  • Miriam Oglesby

    Miriam Oglesby

  • Rosa Panerari

    Rosa Panerari

    UX Writer na Remessa Online

  • Elizabeth Reznik

    Elizabeth Reznik

    Programming , Coding , Development and technology in general Addicted Reader | Continuous Searcher for new knowledge

  • Aleck Blanger

    Aleck Blanger

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